Come join me for Aqua Yoga starting June 10th!
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Welcome to The Mending Tree Massage and Wellness. Owned and operated by Deidre Buckingham, the clinic is housed in the Eastside Wellness Building, located in the heart of Madison’s Atwood neighborhood, just down from the bustling Schenck’s Corners. Our mission is to provide a safe comfortable space for you to obtain massage and wellness services.

We offer an array of therapy services and massage at The Mending Tree to both new and current clients alike to help remedy those persistent pains that are due to previous injuries, overuse, tension, strain, and stress. It is our passion to help lessen and eliminate that unrelenting pain and discomfort people are convinced will be part of their lives forever.

We are excited to welcome you to our modern, clean, and calming haven. Thank you for choosing The Mending Tree for your next wellness service!

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