My Story:

At the age of six I suffered a third degree burn to my right leg. It took months in the hospital to recover and allow my skin grafts to heal. As a result of that early childhood trauma, I went on to live most of my life with chronic pain and dysfunction. The cycle of injury, pain, inflammation, dysfunction, weakness, recovery was every present in my life. When I was experiencing chronic pain daily, I quickly lost the joy and freedom in my life. My body felt like a prison, keeping me from work, play, and meaningful relationships.

It wasn’t until 2012 that I discovered John F. Barnes Myofascial Release. As I started learning the techniques of this therapy and receiving the work, my pain slowly disappeared… for good! I discovered that my childhood trauma had stayed with me all these years. Living in my fascia, spidering out to affect my entire physical being. Every single step I had taken from the age of six has been impacted by that original trauma. Scar tissue altered my gait, changing the way my whole right side functioned. Myofascial release is the only therapy that has been able to change the root cause of my chronic pain and dysfunction. It gave me back my joy. I now can live an active, pain free existence.

Living this truth had compelled me to study and perform myofascial release therapy for the last ten years. In total, I have been in the field of integrative health and bodywork for twenty-six years. I started looking for answers to my chronic pain by attending massage school back in 1994 at The Chicago School of Massage Therapy. Next, I pursued a career in Physical Therapy as an assistant in 2008. I hold additional certifications as an Alignment yoga instructor and Aquatics instructor.

It was my job as a PT assistant at UW Health in Madison, WI that led me to meet Mike Johnson, a myofascial practitioner and instructor for John F. Barnes. I have completely embraced the Myofascial Release techniques and philosophy of care. I have seen in both myself and my clients, the progress this work brings. Since 2012 I have been practicing Myofascial Release exclusively and I am well on my way to complete the full catalog of John F. Barnes coursework.